Christi Griffin, Attorney

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Christi is an accomplished attorney and legal executive with a proven track record of representing innovative organizations in all business life cycle stages, both as a corporate lawyer serving on the senior management team and as a private law practitioner. Christi speaks to industry groups on health care legal operations and liability management issues, providing education and tools to improve business performance.



Law Practice

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Griffin Law Office serves the legal interests of health care providers and businesses in matters confronting and challenging their business. Legal services tailored to your business may include business formation, governance, and capitalization; regulatory compliance and risk mitigation; litigation, malpractice, licensure and more.


Experienced Counsel

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Christi’s unique combination of corporate legal, private practice, and management experience makes her a legal counselor who anticipates and responds to her client’s needs on multiple levels. She applies her corporate experience in complex legal matters to represent the interests of health care providers and businesses of all sizes.