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Joint Commission Publishes New Patient Safety Systems Chapter for Hospitals

Posted by on Oct 24, 2014 in General Legal News, Hospitals and Health Care | 0 comments

The Joint Commission announced on Oct. 20 a new chapter in its 2015 Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Hospitals that focuses entirely on patient safety systems. The new Patient Safety Systems chapter does not impose new standards, but rather the standards are taken from existing chapters. Consolidating patient safety standards into one chapter serves to emphasize that hospital leaders must, as their primary goal, establish a culture of safety in the hospital through an integrated patient-centered system. The consolidation is a clear communication of the Joint Commission’s view that quality and safety are inter-related and inseparable. For even greater emphasis, the standards will continue to be published in the existing chapters as well as the new Patient Safety Systems chapter. Unlike existing Joint Commission accreditation standards that are only available for purchase, the new Patient Safety Systems chapter is available online free of charge. The Joint Commission explained this drastic move by stating that “[f]or the first time, The Joint Commission is providing a standards chapter on our website because this information is so important that we want everyone to have access to it.” The Joint Commission hopes to achieve the following three goals through the consolidated patient safety standards: Aligning the hospital accreditation standards with daily workflow in order to better engage patients and staff with patient safety, thereby reducing patient harm. Advancing knowledge, skills and competency through recommended methods to improve quality and safety processes. Encouraging and recommending proactive methods and models of quality and patient safety designed to increase accountability, trust and knowledge while also reducing the impact of fear and blame. Read the new Patient Safety Systems...

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