What clients have to say about Griffin Law . . .

“Christi possesses a solid command of the health care industry and the challenges facing health care providers in an evolving regulatory framework.”   –   Chairman of the Board and CEO, SpecialtyCare, Inc., 2/13/13

“Thank you for the way you represented us.  You were an excellent fit for our values and approach to conflict.  We appreciate you.”   –   Optometry Practice, 2/8/14

“Christi is an attorney with high standards and ethics whose approach was always professional, precise, confident, and creative… She was great at recognizing, formulating, and evaluating relevant legal theories to help generate alternative solutions and strategies in resolving issues for the best outcomes… Her integrity is unimpeachable.”   –   Director of Contracts, Outsourced Hospital Clinical Services Provider, 6/16/14

“Christi successfully represented my clinic in a highly complex contract dispute that threatened my business and livelihood. Christi quickly analyzed the issues, formulated a strategy using Tennessee’s health care laws to my advantage, and negotiated a resolution that achieved my goals in a manner consistent with my values.”   –   Pain Management Clinic, 6/17/14

“Christi and I worked together for more than five years at Renal Care Group, where she handled all the company’s litigation, health care operations and regulatory matters.  Christi always impressed me as an organized, diligent and caring lawyer. She worked hard to develop relationships with her internal clients and to be responsive to their needs” –  Doug Chappell, Former General Counsel Renal Care Group, Inc. (NYSE: RCI), 1/19/15.